Monday, 6 July 2015

On The Road

Whether you bring these on a family road trip or give them to a new driver, everyone is sure to love these cookies. Each cookie is approx. 3" and is decorated with bright and vibrant colors. These edible signs are sure to bring a smile to any drivers face! =)
Source: Pinterest

After months of learning I have finally passed my driver's test and am on the road on my own!
I'll be honest with you, being on the road isn't as great as it sounds when you don't know where you're going...

I've grown up in my city and could probably tell you how to get to places either on foot or by bus BUT never have I ever taken much notice as to where I am when in the car. Don't know about you but I always zone out when I'm sitting in the passenger seat and as if by magic I arrive at my destination!

There's so much of my own city to re-learn and explore from a different point of view. That's my project this summer. I want to be able to know my city inside out! Let the adventure commence!

For those who are learning - You can do this!!
For those who have a test soon - Good Luck!!
And for those who are already on the road... Happy driving! :D

- - ★ - -

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