Monday, 10 August 2015

Results Day Stress

How To Revamp Your Study Habits for Better Grades
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Education is stressful. GCSE's are stressful. A-Levels are insanely and unpredictably stressful. Mocks are surprisingly stressful. Revision will forever be stressful.

So you'd think that on the day of your last exam, be it GCSE's, A-Levels e.t.c. You'd finally feel relaxed. Well the good news is you do. For the time being. But slowly the realisation that results day is slowly approaching and you feel stressed again...that is if you're relying on the grades to go further with education. Suddenly you loose your appetite, sleep is a distant memory and everything puts you on edge. But there's nothing you can do.

Before exams you would feel guilt if you weren't revising but what do you feel when there's no revising left to do? Hopelessness? No. Nerves? Not exactly. A stomach full of butterflies? Yes. But that feeling is constant! Remedies? There are none. Well, none that last for more than a day. Especially when your parents will just spontaneously bring it up, like you're not already thinking about it in every waking moment of the day...and night. 

Then comes the night before the big day. Some people go to bed early to wake up early but if you're anything like me, you can't get yourself to sleep. The adrenaline is whizzing around you're body like there's no tomorrow. So you end up lying in bed thinking about how you'll react to every situation possible for the next day. Wondering if it's going to be a quick in and out of school, whether you'll open that dreaded envelope with friends or in a corner where no one will see you. Do you just let your emotions flow or hold them in if it's bad news.

A little advice for the A-Level students, if you haven't already, collect all the phone numbers and grade requirements for every university you can think of just in case you need to go through clearing. Thinking about whether it'll be worth doing a third year at school or taking a gap year and revise in your own time if you need to retake anything.

All of a sudden everything seems like it could be make it or break it.

But seriously?
What ever happens will happen and as long as you know you've tried your best and given it your all then just deal with life as it comes.

Trust me. I've been through it all, sometimes it was good news but most times it wasn't and to be honest, I believe in "everything happens for a reason" Every fall makes you stronger. The deeper you fall, the more you learn and the wiser you become.

Exams do not tell you what type of person you are or will be. Grades don't define us. Just remember that on results day.

Good Luck!!!

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