Monday, 15 September 2014

Thursday, 4 September 2014

If you didn't already know, I'm a brand rep for a contemporary jewellery company called JacyandJools - so first things first (I'm the realest...sorry couldn't help myself) all opinions are definitely my own!

I became a JacyandJools brand rep in April and as a little welcome, they sent me a gift as well as a really cool (PINK) brand rep pack.

See what I mean by cool? It's pink bubble wrap...*speechless*
p.s. the ugly pink scribble was my attempt at covering my didn't come with the package :P

Anyway, moving on, I got given a necklace. This wasn't just any old necklace, it was a necklace with a J on it (which is the first letter of my name, just FYI). And I love it!!


To be honest, when I first saw it I was like "it's really small :/" HOWEVER as much as I like statement necklaces, I found myself always reaching for this dinky necklace every morning when I was choosing my outfit for the day. For 5 months it has been a staple part of all my outfits and each day I love it more! In fact, I even wore it to my year 13 prom!

I'm definitely a fidgety person and always playing with my necklace, so the fact that it's still in one piece is a bonus! haha!

It's made of sterling silver on an 18 inch chain, and the initial cube is 4.5mm (so pretty dinky!). What's brilliant about this necklace is that you can buy the cubes separately, and you can make any word! Or name! Or you can keep it simple with just one cube :)

AND.... here's the best part, YOU can get 10% off anything from their shop by using JTRC at the checkout! There are some really cool festival stuff so go ahead and check it out at

Link for the necklace:
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