Monday, 15 September 2014

Nando's? #MonthlyMeal

To eat Nando's or not to eat Nando's, that is the question.

So myself and my friend Molly have decided that once a month we'll go out and have a meal at a restaurant we've never been to. Starting with Nando's.

No we've not never been to Nando's but we've not exactly had the best experience ever... Everyone I meet seems to love Nando's and are horrified when I tell them that it's not my place of choice when it comes to food. Molly and I have only ever been a few times and we just don't see the attraction, maybe it's the food we order or maybe we just happen to pop in on a bad day. Whatever it is, we're giving it one more go before finalising our decision.

Last week we popped in for lunch and upon reading the menu...we shortly realised that everything is pretty much the same, chicken in a wrap, chicken in a burger...chicken, chicken, chicken...and of course the vegetarian options.

All in all, the food wasn't as bad as we remember and had quite a nice experience. Plus we got a 20% NHS discount!

So the verdict is that Nando's is a lovely and affordable restaurant for lunch or a little get together with friends because what can go wrong with chicken?? However it wouldn't be the type of restaurant that I would pick out of choice if I were to go out for a meal to celebrate an occasion.

Click on this link to see the Nando's website and menu :)

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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