Monday, 18 May 2015


It's exam season so likelihood is at least one of you reading this post is supposed to be revising. I would shake my head and tut but the truth is, I'm meant to be revising right now but instead I'm doing this. In my last post I said I wasn't going to be uploading anything until July but procrastination got the better of me...

Knowing that I have exams ahead and having purchased and borrowed as many revision guides as possible you'd think I'd be prepared. That is simply not the case.

After years of exams, I have been able to develop my procrastination skills. I've somehow even managed to trick myself into thinking that the things I'm doing instead of revising is greatly important! 

So here are 6 things that all procrastinators have done at some point:

  • Pretending to work. Laying out all your revision and opening all your books to the right pages before watching a film on the laptop or going on social media. As soon as you hear someone within walking distance of your room, you stop what you're doing and make it look like you're revising.

  • When your parents ask you how revision is going and you simply answer with "it's okay" because you know it'll satisfy them enough not to ask you any more questions because they think you're under stress. When in actual fact you're shitting enough bricks to build a house as all you can remember are the different pictures in your revision guide but not having a clue on what it's about.

  • Turning down a day trip with the parents telling them that you have way too much work to do and time is precious. This way you don't feel guilty for not revising when you're out because at least if you stay at home you've given yourself the choice to revise. That of course never happens.

  • You somehow end up watching hundreds of procrastination videos on Youtube and realise that pretty much the whole world does it...then wonders how on earth anyone manages to pass their exams.

  • Your room suddenly becomes immaculate because tidying your bedroom has somehow become your top priority. 

  • You convince yourself that you'll feel energised after taking a nap knowing that you'll wake up more tired than you were before.

Let me know what you do when you procrastinate!

p.s. Procrastination is not recommended and if you have a remedy for this please please please let me know!! haha!

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