Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas at Bill's #MonthlyMeal

Not long before Christmas now! This year, seeing as quite a few of my friends are at uni and living off their student finance, we decided that instead of exchanging gifts we'd all go out for a Christmas meal. This way we wouldn't have to faff around trying to decide what to give who and figure out what our budget is for this year...

I love going to Bill's, their interior looks amazing and definitely a place where I take inspiration from for my future house! The set Christmas menu was pretty good, there was something that everyone liked to eat and the Christmas crackers where a joy to have and get festive with! Our meals were served with good time in-between courses which was great because otherwise there was no way we'd have enough room for all the food that turned up at our table :P The only downside I feel is that the servers didn't know what meal was for who and none of us remembered what we had ordered so I ended up digging out the menu that we used and tried to figure out who ordered what! I also think that name cards would have added a little bit of a personal touch... but you can't ask for everything!

All in all we had a lovely meal with good food and great company. Bill's is one of my favourite restaurants and is always somewhere I would recommend to anyone!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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